Products: Connectors, Magnetics, and PCB (Printed Circulate Boards)


Connectors, Magnetics, and PCB (Printed Circulate Boards)

USB products
USB Technologies, including 3.1 Type C 10Gbps

USB A – C, from 2.0~3.1.  We have it all.
Our USB 3.1 Type C features the stunning speed of 10 Gbps, enhanced power-charging, and reverse-insertion capabilities, we deliver both standard and custom USB 3.1 Type C solutions.



Circular Connectors IP68 Waterproof:
Push-Pull Lock, M12, Band-Lock, RCA… in wide varieties.

Our Ruggedized Circular Connectors features IP67/68 water-proof technologies. They also have advanced secure-attachment technologies such as push-pull, band-lock…etc. Ideal for mission-critical applications.



Printed Circuit Boards

All of our PCB are produced from ISO 9001 facilities, with quality assurance protocols. In addition, They are ISO13485 (medical), AS9100 (Aerospace), and TS16949 (Automotive) certified!



SFP Fiber Optic Technology

We carry a variety of SFP technologies: 10 Gbps, 25 Gbps, 40 Gbps, and 100 Gbps.




Magnetic Devices: Transformers, Inductors, Power Inductors…

Our ISO9001 and Medical ISO13485 connectors allow even for quality-centric medical applications.   Products include: Transformers, Inductors, Power Magnetics…etc.


RJ45 pretty

Interconnects (General)

Our ISO9001 connectors include: RJ45, HDMI, RF, Audio Jacks, VGA, Board-to-Bard, Memory SIM, DDM…and more.



PCB Design Layout Routing

PCB Layout & Routing Services

Our PCB Layout & Routing Services are done completely domestically by U.S. citizens, with decades of experience working on RF, military, or high-speed specs. Get the assurance you deserve for your projects.



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